About the Long Night Of Application

Welcome to the „Lange Nacht der Bewerbung“ (“Long night of applications”, or as we call it shortly: LNDB) – we are Austria’s leading career event, where awesome companies meet up with awesome applicants. So, if you’re looking for a job, you should continue reading.

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Who we are

Doria initialized the event back in 2017, since then we already organized 20 events in four different states of Austria (Vienna, Styria, Carinthia and Upper Austria) and in addition to that we also do an online event especially for Information Technology (IT) applicants, where companies and people from all over Austria can attend. (Special Thanks at this point to Covid-19, which helped us growing very fast into online event experts 😉

What we do

The LNDB offers you a variety of chances and inspirations:

  • Proper Preparation: That means you get all necessary information and files before the event. Including Dorias Pitch-Guide “How To Pitch” as a PDF File. Please be aware, that the Guide is only available in German. However, we have translated some pages into English.
  • Job interviews with awesome companies – whether you’re looking for an internship, a trainee spot or a parttime/fulltime job. If you get accepted to the event, you’ll get at least one job interview. The interviews can be held in English. Usually, all companies are prepared for German and English applicants.
  • Individual trainings on the day of the event to help you prepare your pitch or to deliberate your job interviews. You can ask the trainers questions about your CV or in general about applications. They will give you a lot of motivation, information, and support. We do have English speaking trainers on board to help you.
  • Even if your favorite companies haven’t any open spots left, you can visit them at the “Meeting Point” at any time. There you can speak with all our sponsors without an appointment. You can ask every question about the application process and get exclusive insider tips for your career.
  • For every event we have awesome partners, which provide you with exciting lectures, goodies and more. You can meet new people (online and offline!) and connect with them easily. Sounds great, right?

Long story short: Our event is the best platform for people, who are looking for their dream job. And the best: Its totally free. You don’t have to pay anything for it, the only thing we ask you for is reliability.

If you want to be part of the LNDB, you should have a look at our dates 2023:

  • 23th March 2023, online event, focus on IT via Discord
  • 23th May 2023, Live event in Vienna in the “Haus der Wiener Wirtschaft”
  • 27th November 2023, Live event in Styria (Graz) in the “Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark”

For every event there is an application period (starting usually around one month before the event, exception is the LNDB IT Online Event, where the application period starts 2-3 weeks before the event). You can find all deadlines and dates HERE. The events are for invited people only! It is not possible to drop in without an acceptance from us.

How to apply

During the application period our application page (“Anmeldung”) is active. Go to that page and fill  out the whole contact formular. We need all the data for the matching process: You also choose which companies you are interested in , and we’ll check if there is a compliance. The more information you give us (like why you want to work there, why are you specified to work there etc.) the easier it gets for us to check the compliance. After the deadline you’ll get either an acceptance letter (with all further information for your participation) or a rejection letter via mail from us. Please note that our events have limited spots for applicants, so we sadly cannot accept all applications.

!!! What is important for your application !!!

  • Only complete filled out applications can be accepted.
  • The application can only be done via our online formular. Applications via mail are not valid!
  • We are trying our best to provide and support all non-German-speaking people with English information. But please be aware that a big part of our information material is still in German. Moreover, people at the event speak mainly German, even if the job interviews can be done in English. Basic Knowledge in German is therefore a must.   
  • As mentioned before our event is only for invited people. It’s not possible to spontaneously stop by on the day of the event. You need to apply before.
  • Only an acceptance is an invitation the event.

If there are any problems or troubles with the application formular please let us know (Mail: info@doria.at). We’ll try to help you as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to meet you soon at the LNDB! 🙂