FAQ (English)

  • When and how can I register?

The registration for the event in Vienna on 23rd May 2023 is possible from 30th April 2023 until 10th May 2023 (midnight UTC+1). Registration is only possible via the registration on our website. Registrations via mail will be deleted without exception and will not be accepted.

  • Why can’t I register by mail?

Registration by mail is not possible due to the DSGVO (GDPR= General Data Protection Regulation). Please note that registrations and CVs we receive by mail will be deleted without exception and will not be counted as a valid registration. This also applies to registrations/mails that reach us after the registration deadline!

  • Is there a limited number of participants?

Yes, only invited applicants can attend the event.

  • I do not live in Austria, can I still participate in an online event?

Yes! The companies that participate with us are partly (not all!) looking for workers from abroad.

However, we only connect companies with applicants. You can find more information on the topic of migration here: www.migration.gv.at.

  • How do I know if it is a live event or an online event?

Our events are only online if there is no other way due to regulatory requirements (Covid etc.). If an event takes place online, then the note “ONLINE EDITION” can be found several times on the website. We also announce this on the homepage. The exception is the IT Online Edition. This event ALWAYS takes place online.

  • How does the Online Edition work?

Basically, the same as the Real-Life-Edition but via digital channels. You will receive all the information you need to prepare for the event by email (incl. preparation video & manual). On the day of the event, you will be able to watch the opening and farewell via LIVE stream. The talks themselves will be conducted via Discord or another channel. The channel is chosen by the recruiter, as the software Discord cannot be installed in every company. In general, if there are problems with the Internet, you will be called via phone.

Thus, a bad internet connection is NOT a reason to cancel!

  • What is Discord? I have never heard of it! (Online Edition)

Discord is a messenger software that allows you to join multiple chat rooms and communicate via phone or video chat. The software is FREE and can be installed easily. The terms and conditions and DSGVO of Discord apply.

Anyone who gets a commitment will also automatically get training on the software, so everyone is well versed and ready to start chatting!

  • I signed up with 5 companies, but only got two slots. Why?

We always try to do our best when scheduling, but we can’t always fulfill everyone’s wishes! In addition, we always receive a lot of applications, which means that some companies naturally have a very high number of interested applicants. However, each applicant gets at least ONE interview, if accepted. This number can increase but can also remain the same.

If people cancel due to illness or job commitments, you can get additional interviews at the Job Wall. More on this below.

  • Can I update my CV or application after it has been submitted? Is it possible to submit a duplicate application?

Yes, you can update your CV. To do so, you must register again using the online form. If you register twice, your first registration will automatically become invalid! The most recent registration is valid for us, a double registration is not possible!

Please note that we cannot update CVs that are sent to us by e-mail and that we delete them immediately.

  • Is there a waiting list?

    Yes, if people cancel their registration, we can give a place to other participants.

  • How do you know which companies are interesting for me?

You can indicate your preferences when you register. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you get all your favorite companies. We might book you to other companies if they fit you. However, we will try to accommodate your preferences as best we can. With the exception of those companies with which you definitely do not want to have an interview (this information is given on the application form in the question “Are there any companies with which you definitely do not want to have an interview?”).

  • When will I find out the dates of my interviews?

You will find out the dates and your interview partners shortly before the event so that you can prepare yourself specifically. Of course, we know that you are all eagerly awaiting your dates, but we ask you to refrain from email inquiries about your status. The organizational effort before the event is very big and we do our best every time to send you all the info as soon as possible. You will definitely get an answer from us!

  • How long does an interview take?

You will have 12 minutes for an interview. You will find out more details with the information you receive when you are accepted and at the event.

  • I didn’t get assigned to one of my desired companies, can I still sign up for an interview with that company that evening? How does the job wall work?

Eventually.  Please note that we have scheduled an exact time frame for the interviews that evening. Thus, all appointments are booked in and assigned precisely. However, if someone at your company of choice is not available, you can sign up for a place at the JOB WALL on the spot. You can only do this if you have already received a confirmation and are on site!

Attention: Exception Online-Edition – In the Online-Edition we automatically fill places that have become free at short notice. You do not have to contact us for this. So, if you get additional dates, we will send you your new time sheet by mail/SMS.

  • Can I have more than four interviews?

Yes, if you want to. We will assign you a minimum of one and a maximum of four to six interviews. In addition, you can book yourself in at the Job Wall for vacant slots or you will automatically be assigned another interview after an appointment becomes available. In addition, you can get to know other companies and hold interviews at the meeting point.

  • My interview went well and company XY told me that they will get back to me in 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately, I still haven’t heard from them. Can you send me the recruiters’ details or follow up for me?

We do NOT pass on any data to third parties due to the data protection regulation! This means that we will not answer any inquiries regarding contact data of the recruiters after the event. Please write down the contact details of your interviewer IMMEDIATELY at the beginning or at the end of the interview! For organizational reasons, it is also not possible for us to check the status of your application with a company.

Our tip: If you do not have any contact data (neither name, e-mail address nor telephone number), call the company’s head office, describe your request, and ask to be connected to the HR department. However, please wait for the communicated deadline, because there can always be delays – the recruiters will certainly do their best to give you a quick answer.

  • Do I have to be present the whole afternoon? (Does NOT apply to the Online Edition)

When you register for the event, we assume that you want to be there and that you can keep the day free (i.e., the time from 1pm to about 10pm).

For the Online Edition, you can click out of the system at short notice between the talks.

Attention: Sudden cancellations or drop-outs do not reflect well on a potential applicant! Since the companies receive a list of candidates in advance, they will know about your absence if you stay away.

  • Do I need to take anything with me? (Does NOT apply to the Online Edition)

You are welcome to bring your laptop or tablet (with a charged battery! There are very few power outlets available). Your application documents (CV, your prepared pitch for the interview, possibly references and training certificates), writing utensils and a lot of motivation, curiosity, and interest.

  • What do I do if I get sick?

If you get sick or cannot attend the event for any other reason, please email us reliably and immediately at info@doria.at, as we need to coordinate the interviews. However, you can also give your place to someone else.

Also, this way we can inform companies and your absence will not leave a bad impression.

  • Should I bring my CV or application documents to the Lange Nacht der Bewerbung?

Absolutely! Especially if you sign up for further interviews on the Job Wall. In this case, the recruiters will not receive your CV in advance. In addition, you can present it at the interviews. For the Online Edition, upload your CV on screen and start a live broadcast so that a company where you have received an interview at short notice can see it.

  • Do I have to dress up?

Yes, we strongly recommend it. You are also welcomed to bring your business outfit to change into (restrooms are available). Unfortunately, we do not have a separate changing room. For the Online Edition, it is also important to wear your business outfit for the video call.

  • I am not registered. Can I still drop by?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Please note that we create an exact schedule for this event in advance and the number of participants is limited. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot let in any additional visitors*. Lange Nacht der Bewerbung and Lange Nacht der Bewerbung “Online Edition” are private events. This means that only invited guests will be admitted.

  • Who can attend the event?

We want to reach as broad a spectrum of applicants as possible on this evening. It doesn’t matter whether you are still studying or have long since finished your studies or training. We are looking for motivated and interested people who are looking for a job. Apprentices, high school graduates, students, graduates, career changers, people who are reorienting themselves or are currently looking for a job. If you are enthusiastic and motivated, you are right with us!

  • I am currently working for a company but would like to look around the market. That’s why I would like to participate in this event, is there a possibility to remain anonymous?

No. When you register for the Lange Nacht der Bewerbung, we need your data. However, you can check our homepage in advance to see which companies will be with us that day. In addition, please note that by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the LNDB, you agree that photos and videos may be taken of you on site as part of the documentation of the LNDB and competitions, which will be published as part of the LNDB. Journalists may also be present and publish pictures from the event.

Even with the online edition, your name will be visible in the Discord app. So, you can’t stay anonymous. If you send us pictures or post them in Discord, you allow us to use these pictures for public relations.

  • Is there anything to eat? (Does NOT apply to the Online Edition)

There will be a small snack offered to applicants during the Lange Nacht der Bewerbung provided by Powerserv Austria*. The buffet in the extra room is exclusively available for recruiters. However, since the event will take place on the premises of the Wirtschaftskammer/WIFI, you can use the restaurants or buffets there. Eating and drinking in the hall is not allowed.

    *if Powerserv is a partner in the respective city.

  • Where do I have to go on that day? (Does NOT apply to the Online Edition)

Europasaal – Graz
Address: Körblergasse 111-113, 8010 Graz
You can easily reach the venue by bike (about 15 minutes from Jakominiplatz) or by bus (line 39, last stop “Wirtschaftskammer”). If you come by car, there are parking spaces for a fee on the premises of the Wirtschaftskammer.
Info about parking: www.wko-parken.at/Parken/Zeiten

House of the Viennese Economy – Vienna
Address: Str. der Wiener Wirtschaft, 1020 Vienna
Public transport: Trams 5 and O, buses 5B, 80A, 82A and regional buses, subways U1 and U2, suburban trains S1, S2, S3 and S7, station “Praterstern” up/down Lassallestraße. Bicycle parking is available in front of the building in sufficient number. Nearest parking garages: “Nordbahnstraße 49”, “Ausstellungsstraße”, “Afrikanergasse 3” and “Praterstraße 62”.

Paul Watzlawick Hall – Klagenfurt
Address: Europaplatz 1, 9021 Klagenfurt
The main train and bus station are about 10 minutes walk from WIFI Klagenfurt (300 m north).
Parking info: www.wifikaernten.at/artikel/1560-parken-rund-ums-wifi

Julius Raab Hall – Linz
Address: Hessenplatz 3, 4020 Linz
The main train station is about 15 minutes away on foot.
Bus lines 41 and 43 (terminus “Hessenplatz”) take you there as well. You can also reach us by streetcar 1, 2, 3 or 4 (station “Mozartkreuzung”) and then by a short 5-minute walk.
Information about parking: https://www.parken.at/garage/1132/garage-hessenplatz

Online Edition
Address: At your home or other quiet place with internet connection.

  • I do not live in Austria, can I still participate in the raffles?

Unfortunately no. Only people who have their main residence in Austria can participate.

  • Does this event guarantee me a job?

NO. Doria Pfob and her team will give you a lot of input and tips during this day, success is not guaranteed. Of course, we hope that you get a job because of this event. But we cannot guarantee it. Your interview is a speculative application interview, i.e., a door opener for your future. What happens next will be decided by your interviewer at this event, not by the organizer himself/herself.

You can also apply if you don’t need a job right away, but in a few months, for example because you haven’t finished your education yet, or you are still employed.

Another tip! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. On the one hand, this makes us happy ? and on the other hand, you can express your interest in your desired companies with your Likes.

We hope that we have been able to answer all your questions about the Lange Nacht der Bewerbung with the FAQ. If you have another urgent question that has not yet been answered here, please write to us at info@doria.at.