Information for companies

The successful career event for companies, because the world of work is constantly changing, and so is the search for employees.

With the Long Night of the Application, companies can find out what kind of fire really burns in their future employees. In 5 hours, you can experience up to 20 interviews – or as we call them “future dates”. Not run-on-the-mill, but with added value! You will talk to people who consciously think about what they are excellent at and how they specifically want to enrich your company. Countless empty kilometers can be saved & new ideas for jobs are generated. You can discover potentials that fit your corporate culture, so that the future can succeed.

Applicants can get in touch with you in an uncomplicated, fast and cordial way. Dream conditions for your employer branding and an excellent candidate experience.

At this successful career event – made in Austria – companies will experience the true potential of people in the job market in just 2 minutes.

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