Request info for your company about the LNDB HERE!

Would you like to join the more than 340 companies and also break new ground in recruiting? Then we look forward to hearing from you! Below you will find the contact form for companies. Write us which location you are interested in, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible and send you all the important information and the current price list you need for your participation. Here is the current schedule of dates:

21st March 2024 – Long Night of Job Application IT Online Edition (few spots available!)

28th May 2024 – Long Night of Job Application VIENNA (few spots available!)

25th November 2024 – Long Night of Job Application GRAZ

Along with the overview of events specifically designed for apprentices:

28th February 2024 – Long Night of Job Application meets – VIENNA (for apprentices!)

Note: All events are planned as face-to-face events (exception: IT Online Edition, which will only take place online!) – if an on-site implementation is not possible due to the Corona situation, the event will take place as an online edition!