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The rules of the GDPR apply.

General Terms and Conditions of the Long Night of Application

§ 1 General

For the event “Long Night of Application” organized by Doria Pfob and participation in it, the General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively. Subsequently, these are referred to as GTC. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the organizer, no other or opposing terms and conditions of the participants, companies and partners will be considered as part of the contract, even if they are not clearly rejected by Doria Pfob and her team. The scope of application of the GTC covers the period of the contractual relationship between Doria Pfob and the participants. These also include all services resulting from participation in the “Long Night of Applications”. With the terms and conditions, we address the participants, trainers, technical consultants, as well as the participating companies and all participating partners.

§ 2 Registration, Prices, Contract Conclusion, Payment, and Cancellation

The participating companies, sponsors, press and media, partners, partners of the venue, trainers and all participants are regarded as contracting partners for the “Long Night of Application”.

The contract between the participating companies and Doria Pfob MSc is concluded by confirming their registration. This will be sent in writing by Doria Pfob and her team to the companies by email. The prices for the participation of companies and sponsors are based on the individual valid package choice. By concluding the contract, the companies undertake to transfer the participation fee or sponsorship contributions for the “Long Night of Application” within two weeks of receipt of the invoice and agree to the GTC. If payments from companies and/or sponsors are not made on time or not at all, Doria Pfob MSc reserves the right to charge late payment interest in the amount of 10%. In the event of cancellations by the companies (withdrawal or cancellation of participation), the participation fee or sponsorship cannot be refunded, unless it has been separately agreed in advance with Doria Pfob MSc. The participating company is not entitled to rent or transfer its place to third parties.

Participation in the “Long Night of Applications” is free of charge for applicants. The participants, i.e. applicants, do not have to pay a fee to participate. By registering for the “Long Night of Application”, the participant agrees to the terms and conditions as well as GDPR. The contract between Doria Pfob MSc and the participants is only concluded by the confirmation of the registration by Doria Pfob MSc or her team. Thus, they are obliged to perceive them and participate in the day of the event in the sense of this.

Applicants can only register via the homepage ( Double registration is not possible. If an applicant registers several times, the most recent application will be considered valid. All other registrations will be declared invalid.

§ 3 Allocation of seats

The organizer provides the companies with exactly one or more tables and one place for the future dates. There is no entitlement to a specific table. At each table, one interviewer from the participating company can conduct an interview with an applicant. However, several HR managers from a company can take turns one after the other. However, the change must not lead to any delay in the interviews.

§ 4 Rules of conduct at the event

Unless a sponsorship or partner agreement has been concluded with Doria Pfob MSc, companies are not allowed to actively advertise with any advertising materials during the “Long Night of Application” – neither for themselves nor for a third party. In this case, Doria Pfob MSc reserves the right to charge a contractual penalty of € 4,000.00 (in words four thousand euros).

As soon as a participant, company or partner behaves immorally or illegally during the “Long Night of Application”, he or she will be excluded from the event. The same applies if the behaviour has a damaging effect on the event. Doria Pfob MSc reserves the right to assert claims for damages.

The participants are obliged to actively cooperate in the sense of the event. If a participant does not get involved and does not actively participate (such as: preparing for the interviews, participating in the group exercises, distracting others in their work) or even working against the event, they may be excluded from Doria Pfob MSc.

The appointed trainers, who are involved at the Long Night of Application, as support for the participants, are obliged to actively participate in the sense of the event. Attendance is also compulsory on the day of the event. Trainers may be excluded from the Long Night of Application in the event of harmful behaviour or other countermeasures. They are subject to the guidance and instruction of Doria Pfob and may only support the applicants in their interest.

For all participating companies, partners, trainers, participants and applicants, the house rules/terms of use of the venue apply.

As part of the Long Night of the Application “Online Edition”, the following applications/platforms will also be used at the event:

Discord and YouTube

Please note that the respective terms of use of these platforms apply and must be approved by all participants. The platform can be changed at any time by the organizer.

§ 5 Property Rights & Copyrights

All rights to the concept, design, content, and program of the “Long Night of Applications” are owned by Doria Pfob MSc. This event, including all its parts, is the intellectual property of Doria Pfob MSc. Any exploitation outside the narrow limits of copyright law is unauthorized and punishable without the consent of the organizer.

§ 6 Reservations, changes in the event program

All changes in the program of the “Long Night of Application” (such as change of venue, organizational process changes, time, length, or similar aspects of the event) can be made by Doria Pfob MSc – even at short notice. The number of participants, as well as the number of participating companies, can also be changed at any time by Doria Pfob MSc. In case of a complete cancellation of the event by Doria Pfob, no claims for damages of the participants, partners, trainers or companies can be made against Doria Pfob. Only the paid participation fee, minus any services already provided, will be refunded.

Excluded from this are changes due to extraordinary events, such as force majeure, which were not caused by the organizer.

If the event is changed into an online edition (application calls or video telephony) due to force majeure, companies, partners, participants, and co-trainers are responsible for choosing the video/telephony provider. We provide only a list of known providers. The use of these services is in the responsibility of each individual. Doria Pfob also does not guarantee their functionality.

Change of a LIVE event to an online edition due to force majeure is not considered a cancellation. In this case, all services for participating companies and partners will be allocated digitally. The contract remains valid.

§ 7 Guarantee of success

A guarantee of success cannot be given! The success of the job interviews that take place at the “Long Night of Applications” depends on the applicants and companies themselves. The tips and advice provided to the participant by Doria Pfob MSc and her team are merely recommendations and not binding instructions. These recommendations can only be applied by the participant on his own responsibility.

A fixed number of future dates/job application conversations cannot be guaranteed to companies! In the case that no one applies at a company, although attempts will be made to allocate conversations with applicants, Doria Pfob MSc cannot be held liable if these are not perceived by the applicants.

Participants/Applicants do not have a claim to a subsequent employment relationship due to their participation and job application conversations. A fixed number of future dates/job application conversations cannot be guaranteed to participants/applicants.

Participation by companies, partners, trainers, and participants/applicants is at their own risk and responsibility. The participation of companies, partners, trainers, and participants/applicants is at your own risk and responsibility.

No liability is assumed for further steps between companies and applicants outside the event and is at your own risk and responsibility.

§ 8 Personal data, photos and film material

The rules of the GDPR apply. Photos will be taken and published during the event. In addition, the participant agrees that the resulting photo and video material may be used for and during the event for unrestricted use. This photo and video material may also be used as advertising for further events of Doria Pfob MSc. The participant also agrees that the photos may be published on the social media channels of the Long  Night of Application, the homepage of the Long Night of Application ( or in other media (e.g. newspaper or similar) for the purpose of public relations. This also applies to the online edition (the image and text material voluntarily provided by the participants, companies and partners in Discord can be used for advertising purposes as part of the Long Night of Application (e.g.: Review video, advertising brochure, quotes for review incl. names etc.) can be used by Doria.

By participating, the partner companies agree that their company name and logo (or word and figurative mark) are also available without restriction.

§ 9 Law & Place of Jurisdiction

The competent place of jurisdiction for all disputes – which may arise in the context of the “Long Night of Application” with the partnership agreements and the GTC – is the city of Graz. Austrian law shall apply exclusively to all legal relationships between Doria Pfob MSc and the contracting parties. With regard to all contract documents, the German text is binding.

§ 10 Equal Treatment Act

In order to improve the readability of all texts and relevant documents published as part of the Long Night of Application, either the male or female form of personal nouns was chosen. However, this does not imply a disadvantage of the opposite sex. Women and men should feel equally addressed by the contents of the website as well as by documents.

§ 11 Completeness and correctness

All agreements, approvals, and oral side agreements require written form for their effectiveness. Doria Pfob MSc is only responsible for the organisation of the event. No liability is assumed for the quality of the interviews or for any failures of companies or participants. We also assume no liability for the course and content of the “Long Night of Application”.

Furthermore, no liability is assumed for the correctness and completeness of the information conveyed in the lectures. Participants may not make any claim to any particular content relating to the Program or the Company.

Trainers can only use Doria Pfob’s job application strategies and methods outside the framework of the Long Night of Job Hunting by referring to “I-Brand and/or Job Application Method by Doria Pfob”. It is not allowed for trainers and technical advisors to process the resumes and data of the applicants within the framework of the Long Night Of Application.

Doria Pfob MSc accepts no liability for loss of or damage to items and equipment brought along. No liability is assumed for personal injury.

The terms of use and house rules of the respective venue of the Chamber of Commerce and Wifi Graz, Vienna, Linz and Klagenfurt apply.

For reasons of better readability, the simultaneous use of masculine and female language forms on the entire homepage ( is omitted. Of course, all personal designations apply to both sexes.