Sponsors & Companies – LNDB meets Lehrberuf.info -Vienna 2024

These companies are looking for you! Now, you can check out all the sponsors and companies in Graz 2023 where you can apply. Click on the logos to discover which job areas are currently in demand. Decide on at least 1 and up to 7 companies, and add them to the registration form. Don’t forget to let us know why you want to work for this specific company. Please note that this event takes place live on-site at Europasaal, WKO Styria.

The registration phase for applicants runs from November 5th to November 15th, 2023 (until midnight). HERE!

We ask for your understanding that we do not translate the individual company pages into English! However, you can quickly translate the pages using Google or ChatGPT 😉 BUT BE CAREFUL: Please note that for many companies, good knowledge of the German language is a requirement!

Our amazing companies
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